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Union Miners

Union Miners

Union Miners
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32mm 'heroic' scale high quality metal cast miniature. All miniatures supplied unpainted. May require preparation and assembly. Provided with 3 30mm plastic round base.
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  • Arsenal Box - Ten Thunders (Wave 2)

    Contains Stat and Upgrade Cards for the Wave 2 Ten Thunders models.


  • Arcane Fate Deck

    MALIFAUX uses cards, not dice, and the beautifully illustrated card pack is called a FATE DECK. This Deck is 100% plastic, and has the Suits for use in both Malifaux and Through the Breach Two Fate Decks are needed to play the game, one for each player.


  • Fuhatsu

    Ten Thunders Box Set, containing one 32mm 'heroic' scale miniature made of high quality Plastic. Will require some preparation and assembly


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