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TerraClips Connector Combo Pack

TerraClips Connector Combo Pack

TerraClips Connector Combo Pack
Weight 0.75 lbs
Our price: $18.00
TerraClips connectors are as flexible and modular as the terrain itself. You will require a different amount of various clip types depending on the size and complexity of your unique build. You may want the added flexibilty extra terrain purchases will bring to your table but you won't always need more clips! Instead of increasing individual terrain box costs, we're passing the savings on to you by giving you the ability to determine exactly how many clips you feel you need for your unique usage requirements.

Starter Purchase: If you're new to TerraClips and you intend on purchasing between 1 & 3 terrain packs, we recommend one connector combo pack per terrain set. Most users will eventually hit a maximum of required clip packs, since their usage and layouts will top out at a size and level of complexity they are typically comfortable building. Advanced users will err on the side of "more clips=more possibilities" and may purchase 1 connector combo pack for every terrain purchase they make.
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