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"BOOM ... headshot!"

M alifaux is ruled by the conflicting interests of powerful organizations. The Guild was the first to seize power in this world, establishing a rigid and fascist law that guarantees their control over the precious Soulstones. Despite their control, the Arcanists have managed to build a powerful resistance against that oppression and maintain a black market Soulstone trade. Concerned with the buried secrets of the past, the grim Resurrectionists loot the City of its treasures and claim the inheritance of an extinct people, wielding terrible powers garnered from the grave and forgotten lore. And what agenda the nightmarish Neverborn seek is unknown, but their presence and influence are obvious in the terror they sow. But to assume these forces represent all interests in Malifaux is naive. Within the tangled skein of dirty politics in this City, there are many players.

Whether they have been rejected by the power players of Malifaux or because they have their own individual agenda in the City, those not directly associated with the primary powers in Malifaux are known as Outcasts. It is impossible to outline a clear profile that identifies these individuals because each is distinct and must be considered separately.

Most of these Outcasts represent the lowest caste in Malifaux. Some of these unfortunate souls are able to beat out a meager existence as a petty crook or hired gun. A small few demonstrate talents or skills of note that allow them to climb from the gutter and exert their will upon the landscape of Malifaux intrigue.

To navigate and thrive in the dense web of corruption in Malifaux by one's self is a singularly difficult task. These individuals broker tenuous alliances to further their unique agendas and rely just as much on skilled negotiating as they do on martial prowess.

The primary powers of Malifaux identify the value of these lone-wolf Outcasts because the unique traits that have allowed them to flourish in independence can be put to the Guild's uses. Their independence alone is a valuable commodity, providing plausible deniability to any faction fortunate enough to gain their services.

Money, however, isn't always the chief concern of these enterprising individuals. These Outcasts have wide ranging goals. Some seek only to expand their criminal endeavors and become influential crime lords. Others are more altruistic, wandering the streets of Malifaux to protect its citizens from the nightmares that haunt them. These Outcasts are at the very center of the City's corrupt politics, crime, and constant violence. They may be Guild servants, but the Outcasts are also purposeful in their acts, achieving their own goals and demonstrating power the Guild hasn't even noticed yet.

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