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Welcome to Wyrd

Wyrd was founded in 2005 in order to provide high quality miniatures for painters who were looking for something different. In 2009, the Malifaux skirmish game exploded onto the scene and since then Wyrd has continued pushing the banner in the interest of fun with titles such as Evil Baby Orphanage, Puppet Wars, and many more!

Latest News

February LGS Promotion

Jan 20 2015 07:48 PM | Ratty in Wyrd News

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Support Your Local Games Store

Keep your receipt when you spend $60 or more on Wyrd product in your local gaming store during February 2015. If you email us a photo of your receipt along with name and address to office.assistant@wyrd-games.net before the 2nd of March, we will send you a special edition Malifaux Child in either transparent or dayglow plastic.*

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Painting Contest - Frozen Moment

Jan 20 2015 07:55 PM | Ratty in Wyrd News

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Frozen Moments is our winter painting contest. It is split into 3 catagories Single Miniature, Crew (5 and 8 model including a Master or Henchman), and Diorama (a scene with at least 2 models). All entries must be Wyrd miniatures or scratch built minis in the theme of Malifaux.

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Wave 3 Beta

Jan 20 2015 07:45 PM | Ratty in Malifaux 2E

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We're proud to announce the start of another open beta! This one is for book 3 of M2E and includes rules for a campaign in which your characters progress from game to game with injuries, new Upgrades, new weapons, and much more!

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January & February Releases

Jan 14 2015 05:37 PM | Ratty in Malifaux 2E

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19th January - Map of Malifaux

Jan 19 2015 10:38 PM | Ratty in Wyrd News

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Hello Wyrdos!

I’m happy to announce that we are going to be previewing something every Monday (starting today) for the community to enjoy. We’d like to share some of what we’re working on, and we’d also like to hear your thoughts. So share them on the forum!

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UK National Championships

Jan 16 2015 07:00 PM | Ratty in Wyrd News

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Wyrd is proud to announce that next year's UKGT will be the official UK National Championships! Players will be able to win "golden tickets" at qualifying events throughout the year, although all will be welcome to participate as usual! Grab your fate decks, it's time to prove that your Crew has it takes to take one of the top spots in the competitive UK scene!

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Wyrd Chronicles - Volume 15

Dec 15 2014 06:21 PM | Ratty in Wyrd News

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Hey guys. Check out the newly released Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 15!

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Plast Craft: Some More Sneak Peaks

Oct 22 2014 03:43 PM | Ratty in Wyrd News

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Following our announcement a couple of days ago here are some more pictures of the new Plast Craft Scenery in all it's glory.

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