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Welcome to Wyrd

Wyrd was founded in 2005 in order to provide high quality miniatures for painters who were looking for something different. In 2009, the Malifaux skirmish game exploded onto the scene and since then Wyrd has continued pushing the banner in the interest of fun with titles such as Evil Baby Orphanage, Puppet Wars, and many more!

Latest News

Wyrd Chronicles 11

Apr 07 2014 05:10 PM | Ratty in Wyrd News

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Hey guys. Check out the newly released Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 11!

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Fall Schematics: Card Game

Mar 27 2014 09:39 PM | Ratty in Wyrd News

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Please be sure to check out our new fully cooperative card game, Fall Schematic, over on Kickstarter. It has funded, but we are still looking for support to spread the word.

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March Releases

Mar 17 2014 04:02 PM | Ratty in Wyrd News

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We have 6 new plastic sets coming out and a whole lot of new transparent bases. Unfortunately due to unforeseen shipping delays/issues, March Releases will be delayed. We're working diligently to sort it out and the March Releases should hitting the stores early April.

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Avatar Playtest

Feb 12 2014 01:23 AM | Ratty in Malifaux 2E

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Welcome to the public Avatar beta test! Included in this file is the avatar upgrade for each master in the game. Have a look, try them out, and give us feedback in the playtest forum. We will update these cards based on your feedback, and a new version of the file will be posted every Tuesday between 4 and 6pm PST. The rules for avatar upgrades are on pages 56-57 of the big rulebook, so please read them carefully.

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There be Giants

Feb 10 2014 11:01 PM | Ratty in Malifaux 2E

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During Gen Con this year we launched the new Second Edition crew boxes. Included in that release was the Hired Swords, Viktoria crew. Unfortunately we found after the fact there had been some sizing variations between the Ronins and one of the Viktorias.

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Malifaux Wave 2 Cards Available Now

Feb 10 2014 02:48 PM | Ratty in Malifaux 2E

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The public beta for Wave 2 is over and all of the cards are available for free download from our site! Wave 2 includes models from Rising Powers, Twisting Fates, and Storm of Shadows. So, if you were unable to find rules for your favorite models in the second edition book, they'll be available here.

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Showdown Icons Review - with Tom Vasel

Feb 01 2014 08:44 PM | Ratty in Showdown

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Tom Vasel has reviewed many games over the years. Here is his review and excellent gameplay overview for Showdown: Icons.

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February Releases

Jan 31 2014 08:45 PM | Rodent Mastermind in Malifaux 2E

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This month we continue our releases for Malifaux 2nd Edition with 5 new plastic sets. We also have the much anticipated reprint of the core Malifaux 2E Rulebook.

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Welcome to the new site ...

Jan 31 2014 09:29 PM | Rodent Mastermind in Wyrd News

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Hey folks,

or a bit now the software that we had running our CMS, forums and a few other bits and bobs around here has been held together with string, duct tape and a bit of good ol' fashion voodoo and frantic prayer. It worked, it just didn't work the way we wanted to, and any time you changed one thing, another issue popped up. Time for a bit of an overhaul!

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Puppet Playtest

Jan 24 2014 02:49 PM | Rodent Mastermind in Puppet Wars Unstitched

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We are also showcasing dozens of new puppets for Puppet Wars Unstitched. Older players will be glad to see some of their old favorites make an apperance in Unstitched, along with a few new surprises.


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