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  • 02. Yan Lo
    02. Yan Lo
    Nice glow!
  • frozen moments crew
    frozen moments crew
    wow! everyone thank you for the nice comments!!! first I've been collecting and painting miniatures for a few years but this is my first Malifaux models, which I have to say have been really enjoya...
  • "Frozen" Raspy
    "Frozen" Raspy
    nice one
  • Seamus Crew Web
    Seamus Crew Web
    This crew looks great together! The basing elements tie everything together nicely and you've got a lot of good color schemes on the individual figures while keeping them unified. While I think may...
  • Sweet Dreams
    Sweet Dreams
    I'll admit, I am completely biased toward The Dreamer and Co. I haven't yet played a proper game of Malifaux yet, but I love the background fluff and the characterful figures. You've hit both mark...

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